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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
This Roseanne debacle 
29th-May-2018 06:02 pm
These Trump nuts... I just don't know. Roseanne lets everyone see just how racist she is and loses her show as a result. Which hurt a lot of people who worked on the show, not just her. So the Trump nuts get butthurt about that and are boycotting ABC/trying to get The View cancelled.

Now, I have no horse in this race, because I don't watch Roseanne or The View. But the idea that you will go to these lengths to support this racist conspiracy theory nut and just pick a random show to take it out on... you need to reevaluate. If these people could put as much effort into doing good... or even be outraged at deserving targets. Like, why not be upset about all these children your government lost? Or kids being shot at school? Homeless veterans? No, the original snowflakes use that energy to support a racist.
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