maddiec24 (maddiec24) wrote,

Today's good thing

Today's good thing: I accomplished some stuff, but it's been a hell of a day.

Squeaky got me up around 6:30. I went to start a load of laundry - I don't know if I've updated about the water leak. It was the water heater, not the washer. The leak wasn't bad until today. There was like 3 inches of water on the floor. I hated to make J get up so early. He's been sick and his back hurts. But he got up and turned off the water and the breaker. I swept all the water I could out of the porch and mopped the rest. Once it dries completely, we'll figure out if the water heater is fixable.

I finally got a load of laundry on, hung it up and started another. I left J to finish it and I went to my uncle's.

When I got back over here, I picked up two more bags of concrete mix and finished the first phase of my project.

Then I had a much-needed, if cold, shower, we had some dinner and I am finally back in bed.
Tags: good things
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