maddiec24 (maddiec24) wrote,

Today's good thing

Today's good thing: another good, if busy, day at work. GM truck last night and a McLane's truck this morning!

But these customers! There's an old woman, on a cart, of course, who is in the store just about every day. She was there yesterday, and very rudely interrupted me while I was helping another customer, to make me help her. The other customer told me to go ahead, but if it'd been me, I would probably have lectured her about manners. Anyway, she was back today, so if she could limit her visits to say, once a week, or either get the keeper she desperately needs to do her shopping, that'd be great.

Then, there was an old man. I saw him while he was looking at the razors, and then at after shave. This will be important later. He caught me on the cough cold and allergy aisle and asked me to tell him where the Old Spice deodorant was. I offered to show him - - "no, just tell me, I'll find it." So I said, okay, it's actually one aisle past the razor aisle - - "Where is that? I haven't shopped here before." Um, the aisle you were just on? I had to ask him twice, wasn't he just looking at razors? When he finally agreed, I got him to understand it was on the next aisle.
Tags: annoying customers, good things
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