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Today's good thing

Today's good thing: well, it could've been worse, but work was a trial today. I should've known after yesterday went well. But still, not horrible, and my back is back(ha!) to normal.

I can talk about this unpleasantness here. James(store manager, not husband) disappointed me for the first time today. Our new scheduling has started. I'm 7-3, Mon-Fri. Don't like the 5 day week, but I'm trying. But there's some stuff, like doctor's appointments that I can't do on the weekend. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, so I talked to my ASM Heather about taking me off the schedule so I don't get another point for calling in. I'm up to 5 now, 3 of which happened in just the last few weeks. Heather told me James said they couldn't take anyone off the schedule, so she'd have to talk to him. That was yesterday. She wasn't there today, but he was, so I asked him. This is what he told me. He made that new rule because people were going to ASMs other than their own and getting taken off the schedule. He told me to call in - - "I'm not going to fire you." And that if I got to 9 occurrences(a firing offense), we would have a talk about it, and if they were justified, he would take them off. He already knows this one is, why not just take me off the schedule. I'm also thinking, what if he's not always our manager? Suppose I get up to 8, he gets replaced, here's a new store manager thinking I just don't want to come to work. I'm going back and recording why I was out before, and I will in future, but I think his response to this was horrible. I miss Sarah being my manager so much. I never had these problems then.
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