maddiec24 (maddiec24) wrote,

Today's good thing

Today's good thing: my back is still getting better, and J's is still not acting up too badly.

Work was... interesting. I was talking to our Flat Earther. She was talking about the Obamas' message to the Bush family about Mrs. Bush's death. They referenced "points of light," which was a big talking point for Bush Sr, and, I believe, the name of one of their charities. But no, Lucifer was referred to as the lightbringer, and this all means Obama is the devil, I guess. I didn't correct her.

Also, apparently Facebook was created by, and possibly still run by the CIA, and the person who started Google is the brother of the person who founded youtube, and they're all out to get us. Or something. My eyes glazed over and I started trying to chew my foot off to escape.
Tags: flat earthers, good things
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