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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
12th-Apr-2018 08:58 pm
Today's good thing: it did start off good. I took J's intermittent leave paperwork by his doctor's and came back by Walmart. They had their gerbera daisies out, finally. Only pink and orange, but those were the colors I wanted. I picked up Mexican for lunch, came home and ate, then did laundry.

The bad was that J had to come home early. His back was spasming and wouldn't stop. It's been getting worse. I got him settled in his chair and went outside to set out my daisies and some other stuff I'd gotten the other day. He texted me but I didn't hear it. He'd gotten up to get something to drink and his back got worse. I had one of those Icy Hot TENS thingies and we tried that, and he sat up in a straight chair for a while. I was on the verge of taking him to the ER, but he started feeling a little better. He asked to call and see if his doctor could see him tomorrow, which they could. I gave him another muscle relaxer and he manged to get back in his chair. But it flares back up every time he moves. He's going to have to have a regular LOA until they figure out what's wrong and fix it.

Everyone please pray for him. I can't stand to see him in pain like this.
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