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I'm tired of adulting

Yes, it's another whiney post. There's so much going on right now.

J's uncle, who had the aneurysm, is not doing well. The doctors say they've done all they can. He's still on life support and likely has brain damage.

My uncle... wow. I know I mentioned he fell and has bruised ribs. I also might've mentioned that years ago a quack doctor had him on 4 different pain pills. They got him down to one. He goes to the pain center every month and gets a one month prescription. And always runs out before the end of the month. The ER doctor gave him a prescription for another pain pill the other day. He was pretty high when I left the other day. My brother and sister-in-law, who both know everything, it turns out, came through yesterday(didn't tell me until after they were gone) and visited my uncle. My SIL asks, on Facebook, if my uncle had a stroke because he was a bit out of it when they were there. I took the conversation over to messaging and explained what was going on and she's all, "You need to get him a life alert button" and "you need to get him a home health aide." I would love to do both of these, but I have no control over my uncle. He desn't like strange people in his house or people trying to make him do anything. I expect a call from my brother and it won't be pleasant.

My cousin Joey and his wife Hannah just had another little girl, and just like the first time, she was born with complications and had to be rushed to Macon. She is doing better today, thank goodness. Joey or Hannah usually takes my uncle to his pain center appointment. Joey asked me to get it changed from this Friday to next week, and all they had was a Wednesday appointment.

Meanwhile, J has a follow-up appointment to get his xray results Monday, and we both work all week. I have my follow-up foot appointment Wednesday. I'm not sure who will be able to take my uncle. When I called him today, he said he may have to drive himself. He also mentioned that the pharmacy still didn't have his sleeping pill. I thought he wanted me to call the pharmacy, but he says the doctor hasn't called it in and wants me to call the office. He doesn't understand HIPAA. They're not going to talk to me about this, I'm sure.

I'm also tired of making phone calls, especially when none of them relate to me.
Tags: first world problems
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