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Today's good thing

Today's good thing: well, it's over. It wasn't a horrible day, but it was a long one. Squeaky's been co-sleeping with us, and the last few days, we've had to put her out in the middle of the night. I'm a very light sleeper, and she's a cat. She keeps playing with stuff that legitimately should not make noise, but it does. Then when my alarm goes off, she's at the door with these heart-rending moans and Wolverine-level clawing at the bottom of the door. Anyway, that's how J and I ended up getting up before 7am on a Saturday.

I did my usual morning internet reading, played with Squeaky and then got dressed to go to my uncle's while J prepared to put our tv PC into a new case.

My uncle fell on Tuesday, but I didn't know this until last night when I called to tell him I was coming. I asked if he needed to go to the ER, but he said no, he would wait until Tuesday and see his regular doctor. When I got there today, I did manage to talk him into going today. Miraculously, it didn't take long. There was hardly anyone there. They did x rays, and an EKG, just to be safe. He has bruised, but not broken ribs, and a scrape on his elbow. We went by Walmart for his meds and headed back to his house. I got everything done there and heeded back here.

I ran by the grocery store(couldn't face another WM today), picked up Mexican for me and barbecue for J, and came home.

Now I'm headed to bed soon and J is finishing up the reinstall on the tv PC.
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