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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Legends of Tommorrow S3E15 "Necromancing the Stone" 
20th-Mar-2018 07:11 pm
maddie_pink roses
S3E15 "Necromancing the Stone"

"Mrs Captain"

This episode was so awesome.

I always imagined Mick slept naked.

I can't be the only one who was thinking Monster High! Sara.

Doctor Who reference!

Ray is a cheerful gnome.

You know what my favorite part was: Amaya talking Mick into wearing the totem.

No, Sara, what are you doing?

And Constantine is going to be a regular next season! Yes.
26th-Mar-2018 12:54 pm (UTC)
I was worried Gary was going to be too stereotypical,but hopefully, they're getting away from that.

Yes, the Sara/Ava thing is sad, but inevitable, I guess. Sara still has some issues to work through.

I have waited so long for this with Mick.
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