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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
11th-Mar-2018 06:42 pm
maddie_pink roses
Today's good thing: I slept until 10am, in a possibly Daylight Savings Time-related situation. My foot felt batter when I first got up, but it started to hurt later. I stayed off it as much as possible and J got the garbage out and did laundry.

Squeaky's been in a mood the last couple of days. She will come up to you, but then when you pick her up or try to pet her, she yells at you and wants to fight.
12th-Mar-2018 01:41 pm (UTC)
oh dear! I wonder what's up with Squeaky that she doesn't want to snuggle. Is she fixed or will she be? I'm wonder if she's about to go into heat and her insides hurt. I saw a show on Animal Planet about an Alaskan Vet; one of the patients was a pet pig with ovarian cysts and that pig was mean as anything at certain points during her cycle. She was a much happier piggy after surgery.
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