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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
17th-Feb-2018 09:07 pm
maddie_pink roses
Today's good thing: we were so sorry today! We had a weird night, though.

We're experimenting with letting Squeaky in the bedroom at night. She usually goes to bed with me, because I go to bed earlier. Then she'll go back to the living room after she's napped and sit with J. Then when J comes to bed, he will close the door. After he came to bed last night, she got on his bedside table and kept playing with stuff so we couldn't sleep. She never does this with me. So, I got up and put her out of the room. Around 6, I up and went to the bathroom, and after that, she kept scratching at the door and meowing pitifully. I got up and came in here with her. We stayed up for a while, then napped as best we could with the two little girls who are spending the weekend(I hope it's just the weekend) at the neighbors' - - they got started around 9am and didn't shut up until... well, I just heard them yelling again.

I had a weird dream where Gerald McRaney was my dad.

J got up around 11:30, but we still didn't accomplish anything. I made a very late breakfast, we watched tv, and played with Squeaky. I intended to nap again in the afternoon, but ended up just going to bed and reading for a while. With all this pollen(have you seen it? The truck has a film of yellow over it), my allergies are acting up and the whole left side of my face hurt. It always make me sleepy/feel icky when my sinuses act up.

I didn't even cook dinner. I've been doing that with very little takeout the last few weeks and I'm tired of my own cooking, so I went and got burgers and shakes.
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