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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
11th-Feb-2018 08:27 pm
maddie_pink roses
Today's good thing: it was a rainy day here. I sat outside for a bit, and enjoyed the rain and outdoor kitties.

I also enjoyed the indoor kitty, but I may have done a bad thing. J said I couldn't teach Squeaky to fetch. So of course, I did. She has this catnip flyer toy - - basically a long tube of net-like stuff that bounces. She really loves it. I taught her to bring it back when I throw it. Now I find it in my chair at random times, or she'll jump up here and give it to me so I can throw it. J finds this hilarious.

Y'all know how I love spinach, right? Did anyone ever eat the Stouffer's frozen spinach souffle? I love that stuff, but they don't sell it here anymore. I found a recipe and tried it today, but it didn't turn out as light and fluffy as I remember. Still, not awful.

I also spent a ridiculous amount of time designing magnets on Shutterfly, because they had a free deal going on today.

And, J helped me move my beloved old recliner that doesn't let out anymore(and hasn't for ages), and I'm using the newer one that actually works.
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