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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
23rd-Jan-2018 06:44 pm
maddie_pink roses
Today's good thing: it wasn't a bad day, but I didn't do much. J's monitor that he had to send back to be repaired had a lot of fun traveling(California, New Mexico, Texas), but FedEx was bringing it home today and someone had to sign for it. So I pretty much had to stay where I could see the door. Package services don't always put a lot of effort into trying to get someone to the door.

Of course, it didn't get here until around 3:30. But. A cute bald guy with a lovely English accent brought it.

So, Squeaky spent the day sleeping, and I spent the day clearing out two inboxes(1000+ messages in each), and watching movies: Django Unchained, Hateful Eight(still not crazy about it) and Lawless.
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