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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
The ongoing saga of J's crappy doctor 
10th-Jan-2018 05:47 pm
maddie_pink roses
So, J's doctor's staff is still in league with Satan. In case I haven't bitched about this here, and I can't believe I haven't, he went to Dr Fordham for his yearly wellness check, as required by our insurance, so he doesn't have to pay a penalty. We stressed over and over, and showed them the paper from work, which THEY COPIED AND PUT IN HIS FILE, it has to be filed as a wellness visit. The idiots filed it as an office visit. I told the insurance company the situation, they tried without success to contact the doctor, J contacted the doctor and was told they were refiling it.

Now here we are in January, still not refiled, and we're being charged a penalty. Work told him to just do what we did last year, get the notes from the visit. J called today and told them to get it ready, I would pick it up after 4. You can see where this is going. It wasn't ready. I didn't cuss anyone out, but it was a near thing. I stood there and waited while they printed it out. I don't see how they have any patients. I hope I'm never desperate enough to be one.
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