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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
PotC: Dead Men Tell No Tales 
13th-Oct-2017 08:11 pm
maddie_pink roses
We actually watched this last night.

I loved it. It felt much more like a PotC movie than On Stranger Tides.

Plenty of my Barbossa - - a pirate again! Wasn't crazy about his look - -something about his hair, both head and facial wasn't right. But come on, you have to kill him again. Even of there's another one - - and with Orlando Bloom apparently back on board, there will be - - no Barbossa is a deal breaker
for me.

Orlando Bloom is still a very pretty pirate.

But the guy playing his son looked like a young Guy Pearce to me.

Javier Bardem and his gravity-defying hair was a lot of fun.
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