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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Gotham S4E1 "Pax Peguina" 
23rd-Sep-2017 08:58 pm
maddie_pink roses
S4E1 "Pax Penguina"

I missed my Penguin and my Alfred so much.

J and I both said that when this started, we couldn't see this Bruce as being Batman ever. But now we can.

And I kept saying, "Wow, that guy really sounds like Steve Buscemi" until I IMDB'd it, and hey, it's Steve's brother.
24th-Sep-2017 04:05 pm (UTC)
Doris and I started watching Gotham! We're only like 4 episodes in so I'm not reading your Gotham posts yet to avoid spoilers. So far we like it
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