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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
15th-Sep-2017 07:22 pm
maddie_pink roses
Today's good thing power's back on! Yes! I have never been more thankful.

I slept late this morning - - J had to work, and I went back to bed, because, no lights, no tv, didn't want to waste my precious phone charge on reading or batteries on light. I ended up sleeping until 9am. Which means I slept about 10 1/2 hours total. It's been an exhausting week, y'all.

I picked up lunch for my uncle and went to visit him. He lost power for a little over a day, but didn't lose any of his frozen stuff.

When I got back, it looked like the line had been attached, but I'd just checked the status on the GA Pwr site and it still said no power. It was back on, but it looked like they literally just patched it for now, which I am totally cool with. I came in, turned on the air(praise God), put on a load of laundry, started the computers back up, then basked in the cool and watched Black-ish and my favorite ep of The Strain(Creatures of the Night) until J got home. He got our AC back in the bedroom window, I had a long, warm(praise God) shower and washed my hair. Then we had dinner and watched last weeks(next-to-the-last!) ep of The Strain.

I apologize to anyone I offended this week. I'm kind of an asshole in the best of conditions, but I was much worse this week. This week has shown me I am no pioneer. Despite growing up with no phone, only a fan in summer and fireplace in winter, I am now much too spoiled for this no power stuff.
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