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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
More doctor's office staff issues 
8th-Sep-2017 08:32 pm
maddie_pink roses
For got to post this here yesterday:

Doctor's office staff are in league with Satan. You know J has had this appointment for his physical for over a month now. We both took off work to go to it because they don't do physicals on Friday. We get there, fill out paperwork, the chick asks for a copay. Uh. No. Physicals are covered 100%. "Oh, we don't do physicals on the first visit." And said that OUR insurance company requires it to be that way. IOW, we have to pay you once, and the insurance company has to pay you twice to do the same thing. Bitch, I told you it was for a physical. We walked out. For all I know, Jason Laney may be a good doctor, but his staff, and this policy, sucks ass.

Update on the wellness check saga: y'all know me, I can be kind of a bitch sometimes. I chatted with our insurance company today and explained the situation. They verified that they do not require an office visit first, they should just do the wellness check. And offered to call Dr Laney's office and explain that to them. Oh yes, please. I don't know if J will even reschedule, but I want him to now. Like I said, kind of a bitch.
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