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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
People are losing their minds about this storm 
5th-Sep-2017 06:10 pm
maddie_pink roses
People are losing their minds over this storm! The woman ahead of me at WM got four cases of water. I wasn't greedy, I only got one. No gas at Murphy in Baxley or Hazlehurst. I filled up at Flash Foods in Hazlehurst. I made J go fill up, too. I'm not too worried about the storm, but we gotta have gas to go to work. I told J I may have to call him in the morning - - the truck hasn't been filled up in a while, so I'm not sure how it will react.

Also, people at the gas pump need to learn some manners! Last week I went by Murphy to get gas, and it was busy. I parked behind someone, and there was a woman sitting in the driver's seat, door open, looking at her phone, so i thought, okay, someone else went to pay for the gas and she's waiting for them. After a few minutes, this heffer gets out, and goes to pay for the gas! Before pumping it! WTF? I waited a few more minutes and she never came back so I went to another pump.

Today, with a million people trying to get gas at FF, the idiot chick in front of me gets out, slowly takes off her jacket, starts talking to the guy at the next pump, goes over to his truck, locks her car, then goes inside to pay for her gas. She finally comes back and pumps it, then she's stuck, because she was slow and let a guy pull in front of her. In the interest of getting my gas and getting home, I backed up and let her out.
6th-Sep-2017 11:21 pm (UTC)
Stay safe and keep us posted!

(And I'm SMH about how people act too...)
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