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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing - - not 
17th-Aug-2017 09:00 pm
maddie_pink rose_roji
Today's good thing: oh boy. It's been quite a day. It started right after I got to work. Despite not having much freight, most of it was still there when I got to work. I managed to get most of it worked, and my bins audited by first break. Then everyone's favorite assistant manager(that's sarcasm) gleefully told me I needed to find stuff for another 4 way. Then he brought me the oldest, rustiest, no-feet-having 4 way I've ever seen. I managed to find 4 goalpost sign holders. Some of them were rusty and bent, but I found them. Then I could only find 3 white signs, and I had to wire-tie one of those to the thing. I had to use a black one for the other, and had no backer for that one. This took until 11, then I worked more freight and picks.

After lunch, I finally did section work. When I went to return my overstock and throw away trash, I see that the boxes that were left in my top bin after raiding it to fake out the 4 way are now in my middle bin. I knew who did this as soon as I saw it. I had four boxes of the same omeprazole, with note on the two front boxes to keep them back to back. Two were in one bin, two were in the one where I keep plastic-wrapped small items. None of them back to back anymore. You know me, I moved them to one bin, all together, and wrote a note asking if anyone cold read. And I wrote a note on the cardboard I use to keep the small item bin level indicating that only small items should be in it. Then I took my trash off, came back, and there that special manager was, telling me he'd moved them down for me. I said okay and walked off. Because I need my job. BTW, he didn't empty the top bin or bin the boxes into the new bins.

This is by far the worst day I've had in quite some time. And after a month of no soda, the perfect storm of all that freight, that manager, and a racist on my FB page made me fall off the wagon. Now I have to start over.

And when I unfriended the racist*, I thought I'd unfriended her husband, too. He saw it and commented about their free speech. Everyone has free speech. I, however, don't have to subject myself to your racism. Just like you don't have to subject yourself to my tolerance. I am just constantly amazed that people who supposedly know me think I would put up with that kind of shit.

*A couple, friends I sort of inherited from Mom, were friends on Facebook and the wife posted a meme with a pic of the confederate monuments being removed, and statues of Dr King, Malcolm X and Nelson Mandela on the bottom, and the caption, "If these go, then these should too, " equating white supremacists with these three people.
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