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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
8th-Jul-2017 08:04 pm
maddie_pink rose_roji
Today's good thing: got up early, did laundry and dishes(I know you envy my exciting life!), and sat outside for a while. But the heat, y'all. OMG, the heat. I have to work for a few minutes, sit down, drink water, then get up and try again. All my flowers and vegetables are suffering in this heat, even with me watering them.
9th-Jul-2017 10:35 am (UTC)
Haha, don't ever apologize for your "exciting" life! Sometimes I think my gratitude posts must be the most boring thing ever, but that never stops me. :)
9th-Jul-2017 11:33 pm (UTC)
I love boring! I see so many friends going through so much drama. It would be exhausting.
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