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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
And the Band Played On 
7th-Jul-2017 08:03 pm
maddie_pink rose_roji
I finally watched And the Band Played On(and The Normal Heart, but that's another post). I know, how have I not watched it before? It just seemed like it was be so sad, and it was, and I just couldn't face it before.

It was very well-cast. Even bit parts were cast well. And how absolutely beautiful is Richard Gere in this?

Patrick Bauchau, a crush of mine since Kindred: the Embraced had a small part.

Baby!Donal Logue as Bobbi Campbell.

Alan Alda was perfectly cast as Robert Gallo. I disliked him here almost as much as The West Wing.

The one that really broke my heart was Ian McKellen as Bill Kraus.

And yes, just sad. Sad that no one cared enough to figure it out earlier. Sad for how people with HIV/AIDS were stigmatized and treated badly because people were afraid they would "catch it." How well I remember those days, and I can proudly say I never acted that way toward anyone.

The government's indifference should've come as a surprise to no one. I'm just amazed and saddened all those people had to die before anything was done. And the thing at the end... Freddie Mercury and all the others we've lost.
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