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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
1st-Jul-2017 07:42 pm
maddie_pink rose_roji
Today's good thing: okay, today's is questionable. I guess that after today, I have three days off. Last night's truck was like 3900 pieces,and I think half of it was mine. Overnight tried, they were still working on it when I made it to the floor. There's just so much of it, and a lot is overstock, two and three times as much as I need. When will this stop? What BS excuse will management give us next for why it's happening? I have no place to put this stuff. Inventory is coming up soon. Literally all I did was work freight. All day long. Just like Thursday.

Also, first of the month, weekend before the 4th of July - - there was about a million people there today. Still hot as hell in the store.
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