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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
Today's good thing 
21st-May-2017 09:34 pm
maddie_pink rose_roji
Today's good thing: despite still feeling icky, a lot was accomplished, mostly by J with me supervising.

I don't feel horrible, and my throat is not super sore, but I can tell I'm sick. Slight cough, but still no more fever. But this strong antibiotic is really doing a number on my stomach.

Anyway, we finally got J's side of the den cleaned up. My main goal was to get some air. He sits beside the AC, and has his monitor right where it blocks any air getting to me. We moved a shorter table there, now he can still see his monitor and I can feel the air. Anyone's who been here knows the area around our chairs is, let's say densely populated. We got all that out, threw stuff away, packed up stuff, and neatened the rest.

I was going to vacuum while J went to get a new bulb for one of his headlights, and was cussing the vacuum the whole time because it wasn't sucking anything up. I told J when he got back. He had used it before he left to vacuum in the window and the AC unit. He hadn't turned it back from attachment to floor. Duh.

And then my uncle called, which he never does, so I knew he was either sick, or his TV watching was being threatened. It was the latter. Dish had called to tell him they hadn't received a payment. Probably an automated call, but it still scared him. I got him to find the bill where we had it on the 13th, and it got sent off last week. He gave me the account number and I called to make sure they weren't turning it off, which they weren't, it's not even late enough for a late charge. I wish they would calm the fuck down, because this really works against my going-up-there-every-two-weeks thing.

So, I'm up way too late and I'm going to bed now.
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