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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
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11th-Nov-2018 06:58 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: um. The cats did let me sleep until 8. In fact, when I woke up, both boys were sleeping between J and me, and Squeaky was in her bed on J's table.

Unfortunately, I woke up with a cold. It didn't come on slowly. I felt fine yesterday, and today, bam! Sore throat, sneezing, coughing, just feel icky. So, other than cooking breakfast and dinner and taking the garbage to the street, not much was done today.
10th-Nov-2018 09:19 pm - Constantine: City of Demons(movie)
Not bad at all. Matt Ryan is good in everything. I just hope no unsuspecting parent picked this up thinking it would be great for their child. This is definitely an adult cartoon.
10th-Nov-2018 09:13 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: we had a nice day, and even accomplished stuff. I got up ridiculously early - - 6am - - because of the cats. They were jumping on and off the bed, so I got up, fed them, put on a load of laundry, did my internet reading, and around 9, fell asleep in my chair and slept until 11. I had intense, tiring dreams. We had a very late breakfast, put chili in the crock pot for dinner and we did some cleaning ad rearranging in the kitchen, so I can keep my incredibly heavy stand mixer on the counter instead of having to move it. No one ever has enough counter space, am I right?

Otherwise, I braved the cool weather to sit on the porch for a few minutes. We did more laundry, and vacuumed.
9th-Nov-2018 08:19 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: it was a long, but relatively easy, day at work. But man, what a stressful week it's been.
9th-Nov-2018 07:31 pm - Titans S1E5 "Together"
Titans S1E5 "Together"

This continues to be awesome.

"It would be scarier if he wasn't green. And vegan." ~ Kory, about Gar in his tiger form

Nice surprise at the end.
8th-Nov-2018 07:12 pm - The Flash S5E4 "News Flash"
The Flash S5E4 "News Flash"

The meta of the week was sort of meh to me, at least until she started flirting with Nora and Iris had to go shut that down.

Sherloque is still annoying me. I want my Harry back.

WTG, Baby Giraffe!

I miss Cisco.
8th-Nov-2018 07:11 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: well. Work was not horrible, for the most part. I had many really sweet customers today. There were too many of them, customers, I mean, but it was rainy today.

There were also a lot of sick customers(no surprise, I do work in pharmacy). Most of them sounded like they had TB, and several even covered their mouths when they coughed. However, there were at least two customers who have strep throat. And wanted OTC meds for it, because they couldn't/wouldn't go to the doctor. Now, I think strep will go away eventually, but I'm sure it lasts longer than if treated with antibiotics, which OMG, how many people could you infect? And possibly there could be complications, too, right?

And then, at the end of the day, I go to put everything away. Pallets everywhere, no way to get anywhere. I don't even know how the people working the remix truck managed to get to the pallets they needed to work. I hatehatehate Walmart, especially between Halloween and New Year's.
7th-Nov-2018 06:04 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: despite the rain running every rude nut in town to Walmart, it wasn't a horrible day at work.
S4E3 "Dancing Queen"

"Astonishing!" Aww, Ray.

I really like Mick and Constantine's... not friendship.

Nate and Gary, OMG!
6th-Nov-2018 06:30 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: today may not have been as awesome as yesterday, but it was still good.
5th-Nov-2018 06:56 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: work wasn't horrible, because management left me alone and let me do my job. And we believe we've figured out the 9am-6pm thing on the 20th. Half the DMs are working those hours Tuesday, the other half Wednesday. I believe we'll be either wrapping blitz pallets(most likely) or working in grocery. Leave it to Walmart to mess up not just Thanksgiving, but the rest of the week.
4th-Nov-2018 06:12 pm - Titans S1E4 "Doom Patrol"
S1E4 "Doom Patrol"

This show is awesome, but I miss Dove. I hope we see her again soon.

Calder is way creepy.

Look who's voicing Negative Man - - Matt Bomer!
4th-Nov-2018 06:05 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: not a bad day, even if it is getting dark too early. I got up at 7 with the cats, and didn't even nap later. Because J did some "rearranging" on the sun porch yesterday, I found an old scrapbook of mine from the 80s and 90s. Wow, did that bring back memories.

We mostly watched tv(both), surfed the 'net(me) and played a game(J). It was cool this morning and then rainy this afternoon, so I didn't get outside for anymore time than it took to get the garbage ready for pickup.
4th-Nov-2018 11:55 am - Friends of Ahavia Lavana
Ahavia's niece and daughter posted that Ahavia died last night. She had been in poor health but we thought she was doing better. She was a wonderful friend to many from the Oz fandom and will be missed. RIP Ahavia.
3rd-Nov-2018 07:22 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: despite all the noise last night, I got a stupid amount of sleep, and still nearly fell asleep anytime I stopped moving today. I put on a load of laundry, and folded some, before heading to my uncle's.

When I got back, I converted the outdoor decorations from Halloween to Thanksgiving(basically, I just took down all the ghosts and bats and witches and turned the pumpkins around).

I fixed dinner and J and I have just been relaxing and watching tv since then.
2nd-Nov-2018 05:48 pm - Titans S1E3 "Origins"
S1E3 "Origins"

I'm confused already. Not Legion-level confused, but still... is this in the Gotham timeline? I mean, unless it's set in the future, it can't be really... Bruce would've been like 3 or 4 in the flashback.

Kory is a badass! Did everyone see the fork thing? I had to watch it twice.
2nd-Nov-2018 05:38 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: went in early, got off early, a certain someone wasn't working today... nice day!
1st-Nov-2018 06:25 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: it's over. What a sucky ass week this has been. Christmas can kiss my ass.*** I am already sick of Christmas shit,and if one more person asks me where the Halloween candy is...

*** It was the first of the month and it seemed like everyone on earth was in the store, most of them asking where the marked down Halloween candy was(it sold out by 8am), and my assistant manager micromanaged ALL DAY.
S4E2 "Witch Hunt"

The fairy godmother was vastly annoying to me, because Jane Carr's voice has the same affect on me as say, Fran Drescher or Gilbert Gottfried.

Mick was an adorable pig.

"Exit narc mode"

WTH, Nate?
S2E4 "The Book of Consequences: Chapter Four: Translucent Freak"

Damn, Tobias! Fried chicken and watermelon? And then calling the guy on his "white savior" thing. Here's the thing... I don't want Tobias jailed or killed. He's an awesome bad guy. I feel like Luke Cage made a mistake when they killed Cottonmouth, and I don't want this show to make that mistake. You need a strong, interesting bad guy.

Poor Jefferson, he couldn't get along with anyone tonight.
31st-Oct-2018 06:02 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: aside from the last minute Halloween shoppers, the first part of my day went okay. After lunch, though... I stocked McLane's and was working on top stock, not knowing my #$@&%* had a)killed one side of one of my 4 ways and not replaced it, b)scavenged from the Christmas mod I JUST SET, leaving holes everywhere, c)used all that to fill HALF a stackbase and d) didn't tell me I needed to fill the side of the 4 way or stackbase or tidy up the seasonal mod until after 3 pm. I leave at 4(Sorry, Ms Betty, I wasn't being rude, I was trying to get all that done before time to leave).

So, I go to the back, get the one person apparently in the building who can get a pallet down to take down a Christmas pallet for me. I got most of it onto an L cart, and these idiots in management called everyone to jewelry. For what super important reason? To tell us we needed to pick a November VPI before we left. Which I'd already done. I walked back to the backroom, got the Christmas stuff, filled the 4 way, filled the stackbase, tidied up the seasonal mod and clocked my ass out.

Why does management have to be so annoying?, Oh, and by the way... the manager who moved the foot spas to the stackbase with the $19.88 price point? Mixed in several $29.88 foot spas. Because, you know, they set an example for us.
30th-Oct-2018 06:32 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: despite lots of miscommunication about setting the Christmas items, today wasn't a horrible day at work.
S11E4 "Arachnids in the UK"

If you have a spider phobia, this is not the ep for you.

I enjoyed this, a lot, and I feel like the new Doctor is hitting her stride in this one.

If they ever need anyone to play Donald Trump, Chris Noth could do it.
29th-Oct-2018 06:55 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: it wasn't a horrible day, despite it being the day for my yearly wellness visit. I had my doctor's appointment, blood work, and x ray.

I also voted, then came home and had a late lunch. Then the kitties and I had an afternoon nap.
28th-Oct-2018 07:47 pm - Titans S1E2 "Hawk and Dove"
S1E2 "Hawk and Dove"

I love this show! Y'all should be watching.

Even if I hadn't known Greg Berlanti was involved with this show, I would have after this ep. The first scene had a superhero chained up.

Hank is a little annoying, but I love Dawn already.

Nuclear family creeped me right out.

Dick is a little scary.
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