Today's good thing

Today's good thing: work wasn't bad, aside from another shift leaving my pharmacy and hba peeps all the freight to work.

And Walmart has jokes. I decided to do the foot care mod. 8 feet, how bad could it be? Hahaha. They took out a shelf and added another row of pegs. And they want all pegs on the mod, not the bars with the pegs that hook on them. Not happening. I am not hunting for peg hooks that probably got thrown away.

After I got home and we ate, I persuaded him to help me move some stuff for the grass cutting tomorrow (which will probably be postponed due to rain). It's getting decidedly snakey-looking by the back door and I want that trimmed.

After I sat down to rest after that, I saw, and managed to photograph one of my elusive blue jays, and a hummingbird. Not my first for this year. That would be one from Sunday who was very annoyed because I didn't have the feeders out yet.

Today's good thing

Today's good thing: it wasn't an awful day, but these customers... I was trying to stock nail polish, and this old woman, who was bored, I guess, herded me from one end of that aisle to the other, no "excuse me," even though she was all up my ass. Could I help her? No, just looking. Did she buy any of it? No.

And I had a guy get mad at me because I wouldn't take the hard plastic container off a perfume box so his mom could smell it.

J had requested a big nasty burger for dinner, so I made big, nasty bacon cheeseburgers and fries.

Then, while I was holding Squeaky in my left and she was nearly asleep, something crawled on my arm, I nearly threw my laptop, startled Squeaky and as she was quickly evacuating the area, she scratched my little finger in one spot, my ring finger in four places, and my middle finger, most seriously, in one spot. J had to search for band aids, and let me tell you, the amount of band aids I've bought, vs what I've used is not even. Where could they be?

I barely got outside at all this afternoon. I did have to water stuff, but I was just not up for any work after being at Walmart all day.

Today's good thing

Today's good thing: I had a super productive, very tiring day. I got up around 6:30. J was supposed to have gone to bed early so he could get up and take the last load of cans and junk to the recycling place. But, he had slept late yesterday and couldn't get to sleep. He ended up going to bed around 7, got up around 1, and it was after 2 before he left.

I did laundry, painted flower pots, a metal table and a metal cabinet, cleaned and filled hummingbird feeders, filled birdseed feeders, hung up my pots of Ms Betty's vine, and put down some plastic tile stuff in the back yard.

J finally got back home, with another load of blocks for me. I made dinner and now I have to prepare myself for going back to work tomorrow.

Today's good thing

Today's good thing: I got up super early, like 5:30, but I went to bed early, too.

I got up and fed the babies, did my reading, cuddled various cats, had a nap, then got up and went on a potting soil run.

I came home, had breakfast, caught up on some tv, then after J got up, we cleaned the kitchen.

Then, we got the rest of the aluminum cans together - - 3 more barrels - - and loaded them, plus various junk we had, and the old washer. We also got the garbage ready for pickup. And I got bitten by many fire ants. They're really bad in the back yard this year. And somewhere in all that, we did a load of laundry.

Mayans MC S3E2 "The Orneriness of Kings"

Mayans MC

S3E2 "The Orneriness of Kings"

I don't know which was funnier - - Coco trying to convince anyone "it's just a cold" or his fellow biker gang bro suggesting a neti pot. Coco looks like he needs a shower, too.

Miguel, WTF are you doing? Poor Marcus. He and Nestor didn't know what to do. *is worried for Marcus's future*

The Flash S7E5 "Fear Me" S7E6 "The One with the Nineties"

The Flash

S7E5 "Fear Me"

S7E6 "The One with the Nineties"

Psych is scary, on a Rag Doll level.

I know I keep joking about this, but have they really Chuck Cunningham/Judy Winslow'd Jenna and whatever Cecile's older daughter's name is? Wally, too? Also, I'd like to hear some more about Cecile's past, because I feel like there's some stories there.

I like Frost and Caitlin being separate, and was angry that they just decided she needed to disappear without even asking her.

I loved the 90s ep, I loved Cisco and Chester(who I'm finally warming to) in 90s fashion. Chester's time with his dad reminds me so much of the LoT ep where Jax gets to talk to his dad.

Barry seems as suspicious of Mommy Speed Force as I am.

I loved Iris and Joe's time warp attire.

Law and Order Organized Crime S1E1 "What Happens in Puglia" S1E2 "Not Your Father's Organized Crime"

Law and Order Organized Crime

S1E1 "What Happens in Puglia"

S1E2 "Not Your Father's Organized Crime"

I'm so far behind.

It's super nice seeing Elliot again, and also super nice seeing Tamara Taylor again.

When did Chazz Palminteri get so old? Tell me it was makeup.

Also, can we trim Chris Meloni's eyebrows? I'm having a hard time paying attention to what he says because they're distracting me.

Dylan McDermott's character is cold blooded.

I like Ayanna Bell and the hacker chick. But that Elliot/Boomer vs hacker chick/Gen Z thing could get old fast.

Poor Elliot. I wish he and Liv were getting along better right now.

Today's good thing

Today's good thing: work wasn't bad, no truck, so I got to do stuff I've been needing to do. But these customers... they are evil right now.

And sadly, I had to do some shopping... I needed spray paint, and J needed drinks and food.

I picked up PigOut for dinner. J likes their barbecue, but I prefer pretty much anyone else's, so I got fried catfish.

The babies are still getting hissed at occasionally, but they're settling in okay.

I didn't even go outside. I'm tired, so I had a shower and did laundry and we've been watching tv.

Today's good thing

Today's good thing: well, work wasn't bad, again, for me. But. I don't know what's going on with cap 2, but for the last two nights, they have left my overnight HBA person with three pallets of box freight and all the gray totes to work. And she's like Ms Debra, she feels like she needs to finish it all.

There's still way too many people in the store, BTW, which I believe is stimulus-related. And after bragging yesterday that I don't have to go to store meetings anymore... I had to go to a store meeting today.

For now, we have two more inside cats. I went outside with Shuri and MIsty like I always do in the afternoons. Misty was a good girl. She's terrified of the street and the loud cars that drive on it. Shuri went across the street, in the same place Natasha was killed, to stalk a squirrel. I took Misty inside to J and went to get her. I took her inside for a few minutes, and lectured her, for all the good it did - - she tried to go right back when I took her back outside. J's not crazy about seven cats in the house, but I can't go through losing one again. I won't get attached to any more outside cats, but I can't stand losing another one. Jem and Fitz don't seem to have an issue with them, but Sam, Bucky, and especially Squeaky are taking it badly. Shuri stole her spot on J's chair.

Today's good thing

Today's good thing: work was good. What's up with that? I'm sure it won't last.

I'm friends with our American Greetings rep at work. She's one of the few liberals I know in RL. She's always talking about her friend Sherry, who's kind of nutty and turned into a real Trump nut the last few years. I totally didn't put this together, because she never used her last name, but it's our resident flat earther, who quit a few years ago. It all makes sense now.

After we ate, I went outside with the babies and J joined us for a short time. I actually even potted a few flowers this afternoon. Go me!

Oh, our final Gobble dinner was Indian Butter chicken with basmati rice, a salad of persian cucumber, roma tomato and orange cumin vinaigrette, and naan bread, which I love. J wasn't crazy about the salad, but he liked the rest.