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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
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18th-Aug-2018 07:23 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: well, first off, Squeaky got me up way early, like 6am early. I napped a little in my chair later. We did normal Saturday stuff, cleaning, laundry, etc. J finally got our new living room light installed. I sat outside for a bit, but the temperature and humidity were way too high for it to be very enjoyable. I made what I thought would be a yummy dinner: pinto beans with corn dodgers, and baked pork chops. Neither was especially yummy.
17th-Aug-2018 07:06 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: I forgot yesterday, but you don't get two. It's that today is Friday. This has been such a long week. It hasn't been especially a bad week, but I didn't think it would ever end.
15th-Aug-2018 06:22 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: another busy day, but OMG, it seemed like it would never end. Then after work, I had to go by the vet for the kittens' meds(they're going to have to get a job or do a sex tape or something), picked up milk, picked up dinner, and still managed to get here before the lawn people came.
14th-Aug-2018 06:28 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: work wasn't bad, but honestly, it felt hotter in the store than outside.
13th-Aug-2018 07:15 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: for a Monday, today was really pretty awesome. Very little freight from the weekend, and I actually got to do my routine.
12th-Aug-2018 07:16 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: we had a pretty relaxed day here. I got up around 8, fed the kitties, did my internet reading... and fell asleep in my chair and was not able to wake up when J got up. It was 11am before I woke up.

After a very late breakfast, I picked up everything in the living room so J could vacuum. We got the garbage ready for pickup, and I spent a few hours outside, cleaning and filling up hummingbird and bird feeders. And just sitting, actually.
11th-Aug-2018 08:21 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: I had quite a busy, yet productive day.

But first, let me tell you about yesterday afternoon. I came home from work(on a Friday!) and cleaned, did laundry, cooked dinner... just like a grownup! What is up with that?

Anyway, today, I got up around 7, fed three sets of cats, did some laundry, did my morning internet reading, then had a brief nap in my chair before Squeaky made J get up.

I went to my uncle's today, and when I got back, J had accomplished stuff: cleaned out the corner near his chair, which had reached scary heights, and put up a shoe rack for me.

Then I persuaded him to come outside and drill holes in two flower pots and 5 aluminum tubs(bought on sale at Walmart!) that I'm going to use as flower pots. After he did that,I potted some more zinnias.

Then I came in, put on yet another load of laundry and started dinner(Pioneer Woman Marlboro Man pasta, salad and bread).

Now I am ready for bed.
10th-Aug-2018 09:52 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: we made it to Friday! It's been a hell of a week. Crappy management, horrible customers... and it's so hot. And today... one of the meat department guys was arrested. At work. He's been on drugs for a while. He went into the assistant managers' office(it was all on the surveillance video), stole money from Heather's purse, went to electronics and bought a phone. They called the police, who found pills on him.
9th-Aug-2018 08:13 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: work wasn't horrible, except for a couple of super annoying customers.

The real fun started when we got home. We gave two kittens a bath with their new shampoo. Jemma literally jumped out of the sink and onto my chest. So I got a bath, too. While I bathed Fitz, I put Jemma in the tub. Since we've had them they haven't meowed. They open their mouths, but nothing would come out. Jemma can meow now. You should've heard the heartrending meows. Poor Jemma had to have a re-rinse, because when we took them back to their room, Jemma jumped into the litter box. That was fun to get off. Thank goodness J had just changed their litter, or she would've needed another full bath. Now they've had their ear mite drops, eye ointment and ringworm ointment. Then I had to disinfect the bathroom, because Squeaky loves to go int he bathroom.

Then we gave Squeaky her first bath since before she got sick. She was dirty and a little stinky. I got another free bath there when she a)tried to get out of the water and into my arms, and b) shook the water off like a dog. She sulked in J's lap for a bit, but she's already forgiven me.
8th-Aug-2018 06:57 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: once again, work wasn't horrible, but this heat... I took the typhoid kitties to the vet this afternoon. J came over when he got home. They both have ringworm and an eye infection, but nothing serious, not worms or feline aids or leukemia. They're still in quarantine until they're over this and Squeaky gets vaccinated. The vet warned us about how we could catch ringworm. I told J(I need to tell you when he gets tired, he gets giggly) when I was little I caught ringworm from cats. I innocently said, "Cats pooped in my sand box." And that gave him a giggle fit.
7th-Aug-2018 06:52 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: work was busy but not horrible, but this heat... I was sweating in the break room at lunch.
6th-Aug-2018 06:24 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: it was a super busy, very hot day at work, but the day went by really fast. Not surprised we had a storm this afternoon. It was just oppressively hot.
5th-Aug-2018 07:33 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: I got up before 7 in theory so I could get to work on my concrete leveling before it got hot. Between laundry and the internet, I made it put there around 8:30. I am so close to being done, but I still need one more bag of leveling mix.

When I came back in, I had to have a shower, because I was working in the morning sun and it was already hot. After I showered and dressed again, I napped in my chair for a while. We had a late breakfast, then did some cleaning, got the garbage ready for pickup and other fun Sunday stuff.
4th-Aug-2018 08:42 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: Squeaky let me sleep until 8am. We got up, I put on a load of laundry and went to pick up another bag of stuff to level my concrete. After I got back and started another load of laundry, J got up. We had breakfast and later did some rearranging in the bedroom and kitchen.
3rd-Aug-2018 07:27 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: I finally finished the mod from hell. It was close, though. It was after 3 before I got all the product back on it.

Today was horribly busy at work. And it seems like everyone had evil kids with them. Thank goodness school is starting back.
2nd-Aug-2018 07:11 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: Squeaky got an almost clean bill of health. The vet said she still has the ulcer on her tongue. He gave her another antibiotic injection just in case. He's going to give her another couple of weeks before we start back on vaccinations. She has the assistant there charmed. He's always talking about how pretty she is and what beautiful eyes she has. She just hisses and growls at him.

This week at work has been trying. Very busy, and this cough/cold/allergy mod is a bitch. The mod people think it's funny to totally flip everything around every once in a while. Then we get to listen to complaints from customers for months because they can't find anything.

Oh, one dumb customer story for today: a woman and her friend came up looking for allergy medicine. Allegra, in a purple box. I showed her the Allegra, and she said no, it was a round pink pill. I thought maybe it was Benedryl and she was mixed up. She said no, it was ROUND pink pill. I don't sell a round pink allergy pill, as far as I know. Her friend still thought it was Allegra, but she said no. I have no idea.
1st-Aug-2018 07:07 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: another super busy day at work. Some "overstock" from last night to work, McLane's to work, process to do, and I started my cough/cold/allergy mod.

My lawn people were here when I got home, and my yard looks so good.

And Squeaky felt good enough to play with her toys this afternoon! She's back to her old self. The last two mornings, right about the time my alarm goes off, she came and loved on me.
31st-Jul-2018 06:26 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: work was super busy and somewhat annoying, but it certainly made the day go by fast. Walmart is amazing at coming up with this not telling people something needs to be done, then saying it has to be done by the end of the day.

Meanwhile, the lawn people can't get here to cut the grass because of the rain, and the grass is growing super fast... because of the rain.
30th-Jul-2018 07:04 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: work was good, considering it was a Monday. Not a lot of leftover freight from the weekend, so I actually got to do process on a Monday. Squeaky is still doing really good, and we're cautiously optimistic that's she's finally getting over this.
29th-Jul-2018 07:05 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: another busy day. I got up around 8, had to make a Walmart run because apparently no one in Hazlehurst EXCEPT Walmart sells 12 pack Barq's.

When I came back, I decided to go ahead and level my concrete so it could set before our usual afternoon rain. I did as much as I could(still need another bag), and OMG, I got so hot. This is before 10 am. We're in those super hot days of summer. My flowers look horrible, no matter how much I water them. This heat is just awful.

I made breakfast and J got the wheels put on his new tool chest and, thank goodness, moved out of the front room. Squeaky had more fun exploring, and she's back to yelling at me for not being fast enough when I'm getting her food, so that's good, I guess. I gave two very annoyed kittens a bath, too. Squeaky's going to need one, too - - she has drool and antibiotic on her.

They're going to charge us extra for garbage this week. There's like 5 feet of cardboard boxes and assorted other cardboard besides the regular trash.

I got to sit outside between doing all this, and fixing dinner. It was raining like crazy and a little cooler and very nice.
28th-Jul-2018 09:13 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: I had a pretty busy day. I got up around 7, and did some laundry. Later I did dishes, then got ready to go to my uncle's. When I got back, J and I tackled making room for his tool chest and Squeaky had a ball exploring. She also felt good enough to chase the red dot, and she groomed herself, which she hasn't been doing. She's been eating fine, but not drinking water. She gets liquid from her wet food, but is reluctant to drink water. We tried different methods tonight and she drank a little.
27th-Jul-2018 06:58 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: well, work wasn't horrible, despite tons of freight, and the fact that this time of year, with less than two months until inventory, management always gets stupid and comes up all kinds of nitpick-y stuff to annoy us with.

Squeaky is eating really well, but she sleeps a lot, and is in a foul mood.
26th-Jul-2018 06:52 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: J finally had his neurosurgeon appointment, and Squeaky is eating again.

Despite what the person J spoke to last month at the office told him, which amounted to "we don't give injections"(they do) and "we'll probably just give you pain pills"(they did not), the doctor, and his PA, were both really great. They did an x ray - - he has a curve in his spine) and the doctor suggested trying an anti-inflammatory and some chiropractic traction.

We treated ourselves to Captain Joe's for lunch(we brought it home so we could be with Squeaky). After lunch, I had intentions of accomplishing stuff, but all three of us napped. For hours. I slept last night, but it felt like right after I fell asleep, the alarm went off. After we woke up I went to Dairy Queen for ice cream.
25th-Jul-2018 07:21 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: well, y'all know my day wasn't great***, but at least I know now why Squeaky is drooling and not eating. She is giving her mama an ulcer, and is easily the most expensive cat I've ever had. I just want her to get well and stay that way.

I did some laundry and dishes today but spent most of the day in my chair with Squeaky sleeping in my lap.

***Squeaky had a relapse. She has an ulcer on her tongue, and was drooling and not eating. She's also congested and can't smell her food. She got fluids, an antibiotic shot, some nutrical, and a followup for next week. The vet said it's just going to have to run its course. If anything happens to her, no more pets for me. I can't handle it.
24th-Jul-2018 08:01 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: back at work, and it wasn't bad. I felt much better. Squeaky is still getting better. And it's been raining almost since I got home and it's making me sleepy.
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