Bad week

Last week, as well. J's dad died early last week. He was, naturally, upset. He got to talk to his dad before he went on the vent, but no one couldn't visit him to say goodbye. I still don't understand why Dianne didn't just call an ambulance, or, when she and everyone else in the house started getting symptoms, maybe talk him into quarantining somewhere else. He was at huge risk: diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer... why would she let him get so bad before calling us?

And she's been... difficult. He had to be cremated. Because of his condition, decomp set in fast. She tried the martyr route, "go ahead and have the funeral, I just won't go"(she was still testing positive for Covid, everyone else still had symptoms, she still has pneumonia), but J's sister, who is going head to head with her handling arrangements said no, we would wait. Dianne has finally tested negative, but everyone in her house is still symptomatic, but won't be tested.

Larae's being a little difficult, too. J's dad wrote out a will, but never took it to a lawyer. Larae was supposed to get all the land, except for the acre her cousin Rex is living on. J's dad told us, but Larae says not her, that he wanted it to go to Rex so when Larae inevitably couldn't pay taxes on the land, he wouldn't end up with nowhere to live. Larae doesn't want it to be in his name.

We tried to tell Larae that anything of her dad's that is at Dianne's house, Dianne is going to keep. She's mad about that, but that's the way it is. We're not getting involved. We don't want any of it. J's dad had two insurance policies, one $15000 one they're using for the burial, and another considerably bigger one J was supposed to get, but apparently that one got cancelled. J's dad should've spelled things out clearly - - and I encourage everyone to - - surely he knew how Dianne was going to be about this. J and I don't have kids, but we're going to have to sit down and figure out who gets what. We'll be leaving it to our nieces and nephews, but we're not sure how to divvy up the land.

I got 3 days bereavement, and was only scheduled 3 days last week, so I was out all week. It was a good thing, too We had car trouble and it was in the shop all week. We got it back Friday, J tried to drive it to work yesterday, and had to turn around and come back, so now it's back in the shop. They're supposed to get the parts today, and I used my last day so he could drive the truck to work. He says he'll call out tomorrow if her has to. I have the insurance, so I don't need to get fired for attendance.

And then there's today. I did something I haven't done in years: I fell. I'm okay. I was taking dishes into the kitchen, and the plastic container lid that was leaned against the counter had fallen(possibly helped by cats, but we won't tell them they could've killed Mama). It's clear and I wasn't paying attention, and caught my foot on it. I may have broken a toe, and I came down hard on my bad knee. I iced it, just in case. I also noticed a small cut on my thumb, probably from the broken dishes.

This and that

As much as I hate cold weather, I would love to be able to go outside and not have to basically shower in bug spray. The mosquitoes are savage!

Does anyone have a go-to brass cleaner? I finally washed down the cabinets, and took off the hardware to clean. I tried a couple of internet ideas: baking soda/salt/vinegar made into a paste and let it set - - did not work at all. I had better luck with ketchup, but it still didn't get all of it. I'll probably end up just getting brass cleaner.

I tried a recipe today that someone shared on one of my recipe groups: creamed chicken, or chicken stew. It's from a Romanian recipe... chicken pieces browned until nearly done, then brown some onions(and celery, my addition), then make a roux with some flour, add milk or cream, add the chicken back in and let it cook a while, add a cup of sour cream(and I added a can of peas and carrots, but next time I would do just carrots). It's supposed to be served over polenta, but J skipped that, because he's not fond of polenta.

And finally, I'm binge-watching Chicago Med, not that I needed another show. But I'm down to like a season and a half of Justified and I'm trying to make it last. I was looking on Netflix and saw Oliver Platt and S Epatha Merkerson and gave it a try.

J's dad

J's dad has been in the hospital for over a week with Covid. J's stepmother Dianne got it first and infected him. He kept getting worse, but for some reason she didn't call and ambulance and finally got her daughter to call J(you know J and Dianne had a falling out early in the year and she doesn't communicate with us) to get him to talk to his dad about going to the hospital. He did and finally, an ambulance took him to the hospital. They put him on a respirator yesterday and when J called today, they said he's declining: oxygen is bad, kidneys failing. I feel bad for J and his sister. Because of Dianne, they haven't been able to spend time with him. And no one's allowed in the hospital now.

My day

Well, we have an adult size refrigerator again. Let me start at the beginning. After ours stopped working, we picked out one online, but it wouldn't be available until Feb 2022. So, J went by Lowe's Thursday and found one for us, but it wasn't delivered until today.

Side note: work was downright pleasant today. Of course, it didn't hurt that it was my 12:00 day and I got to leave before all the really rude people got there.

Anyway, they brought the refrigerator, finally, and we had to take the kitchen door off its hinges to get it in, but it's here. They did not hook up the ice maker like they were supposed to, so J has to get a kit and do it. He also made an error in judgement and didn't pay the $50 to get them to take away the old one. Because it would have been worth it.

We're going to owe extra for garbage pickup tomorrow. Not only do we have the regular garbage, we had all the old frozen stuff we took out of the chest freezer to make room for the stuff we salvaged from the old fridge, we also had stuff that was out of date that we threw away, there was stuff we threw away when we cleaning out the sun porch so we could hook up the little refrigerator. And numerous boxes and assorted junk.

My day

I spent nearly all day outside! First I repainted my jack o' lanterns, did some more decorating and held Lily, but not as much as she wanted me to.

Two people stopped to give me compliments. A woman stopped to tell me she loved all the pink, and later, a guy stopped and said Halloween was his son's favorite holiday, and he always wants to come by and see our Halloween and Christmas decorations. I was thrilled!

In honor of it being a bit cooler I made chili today, and it was actually pretty good.

Frasier S1E6 "The Crucible"

Frasier S1E6 "The Crucible"

Frasier buys a painting by Martha Paxton and she comes to his party. Turns out it's a forgery. He takes it back to the gallery, but the owner won't take it back. It wasn't a great episode, but it wasn't bad.

Martin: For God's sake, Frasier, you're forty-one years old - it's time you learned something. The system ain't perfect - sometimes the bad guy wins. And all those things you thought would be around to help you, the courts and the police department - well, sometimes, they're just not there when you need them, so you can let it eat a hole in your stomach or you can just file it away under the heading "Sometimes life sucks."
Frasier: Yeah, well, that file's getting pretty thick!

Frasier: Dad, will you stop showing these crime scene photos? You're embarrassing me.
Martin: Oh, these society people eat this up. Besides, she was the one that brought it up.
Frasier: Oh, she brought it up? Bethany van Pelt, the head of the Junior League, brought up the subject of a hooker whose body was hideously dismembered and scattered all over an abandoned warehouse?
Martin: Yeah, she asked, "aren't these Swedish meatballs the messiest things you've ever seen?" and I said, "No, as a matter of fact..."

Frasier: Damn it, Niles, where is the justice? Where am I supposed to turn to? I'm a beloved household personality and I've been screwed!

Sanford and Son S1E6 "We Were Robbed"

Sanford and Son S1E6 "We Were Robbed"

Fred broke Lamont's porcelain and glass collection(there was a goof here: you can see the rubber leg on the table wobbling after it was knocked over), and told Lamont they were robbed by 4 white men with stockings over their heads. "Are you sure they were white, Pop?" "I know they wasn't black, 'cause you can't get no stocking over one of them big naturals."

Fred got a citation from the police for his "bravery," and while he went to the bar to show his friends, Lamont found his broken collection where Fred hid it. When Fred came back, Lamont told him the same guys came back and this time they stole the $200 from Fred's piggy bank.