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I hope
We'll have more happy ever afters
14th-Sep-2019 08:15 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: I got up early - - around 6am - - and it wasn't even cat prompted. I had to go to Walmart, and wanted to go early before the crazier people arrived. But I forgot that Dollar Tree, the other place I was going, didn't open until 9. So, I did a couple of loads of laundry, did my internet reading, and eventually, the cats and I napped. I had intense dreams, and had a hard time waking up. Which may explain why I didn't remember I was supposed to return Detective Pikachu to Redbox until I saw it while checking out at Walmart. So I came home, dropped off the perishables, grabbed the disc and took it to the outdoor one at Dollar General.

J got up when I got back and made waffles while I did sausage and eggs. We relaxed for a bit and then I did dishes and sat outside with Bucky while J did homework.

Then we had a delicious corn boil for dinner. Now I'm stuff and keep trying to fall asleep, so I'm going to have a shower and go to bed.
13th-Sep-2019 08:49 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: it's been a really awesome day. I only had to work 4 hours, then after I got home, J and I headed to Douglas, where we hit Lowe's, Walmart, went to the meat market in Pearson, backtracked and got what we forgot at Walmart and Lowe's, ate at Old Times, of course, and headed home. We stopped at the new Dollar General in Denton(J was disappointed, no dvds, and I was disappointed because it already has freight all in the way) as well. Then we had to unload, recover a bit and bag up the meat we got. Now we're finally relaxing and watching Deadpool Pikachu. I mean Detective Pikachu.
12th-Sep-2019 07:02 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: I was off work today, and the cats let me sleep until after 7am. I got up and made breakfast for J, because he had a class today.

After he left, I did fun stuff like dishes and laundry, then I sat on the porch and played with Bucky. He has a vet appointment next week. This doesn't mean we're bringing him inside, but we want to get him vaccinated and fixed just in case. And I do worry about him being outside since I've gotten so attached to him.
11th-Sep-2019 09:18 pm - Mayans MC
Is anyone watching Mayans MC? I watched the first season and liked it, and so far, I'm liking season 2, but there's a few unanswered questions.

I really hope EZ gets the happy ending Jax didn't. But for that to happen, something bad will have to happen to Miguel, and he's a favorite of mine.

Also, I liked the first season version of the theme song better.
11th-Sep-2019 09:06 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: it was 100% better than the last few days. Even though they unloaded today's truck last night, I had very little left from it. Today I concentrated on getting stuff to the salesfloor, since we were locked from taking anything out of bins yesterday. Our overall inventory numbers are good, we don't have the numbers for each department yet because someone, or maybe several someones, hurt other people's feelings about their shrink numbers. I don't know who it was, and as far as I know, no one said anything that got back to me. I always shrink. Pharmacy, electronics, cosmetics... we always have shrink. It bothered me the first couple of years I was over pharmacy, but I just do the best I can and don't stress about it now.
10th-Sep-2019 07:08 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: inventory is over for another year, and we only worked over 90+ minutes. We're hearing we did well, we'll see tomorrow. I had the recount from hell today. It literally took me, an ASM and Sarah like an hour to audit everything, including some stuff the illustrious inventory crew skipped. They also skipped one ENTIRE SHELF of vitamins. If we're going to end up counting everything anyway, maybe we should just count everything?
9th-Sep-2019 11:51 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: there isn't one, and the bad thing is Walmart in general. I just got home. I was at work for 12 hours today. I'm not sure who this "improved" inventory helps, but it is not us. We are counting everything, and the freaking inventory people are barely counting anything. No one could agree on what time we were supposed to start counting, and easily half the ASMs don't know shit. Thank goodness my ASM has some sense. And now we could be there 12 hours tomorrow. FML
8th-Sep-2019 07:48 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: I didn't have to stay too late at work? That's the best I can come up with. We worked freight literally all day. I could've stayed and fixed y top stock. Because ON very helpfully messed it up again after me leaving it in perfect condition on Friday. The customers were a huge pain in the ass. They were everywhere I needed to be and one couple literally spent more time looking at arthritis rubs than I did deciding on my first car. I had three of the absolute worst today, one insane woman and two sisters who are just mean. And I'm not looking forward to inventory day now. Usually the two days before are the worst, but now our SM is saying we may be there 12 hours on inventory day. So, this new way to do inventory is definitely one of WM's "improvements."
7th-Sep-2019 06:18 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: I got up early, and not even because of the cats. I did laundry, did my internet reading, and J got up not long after I did. He took one for the team today and went to my uncle's for me, so I could enjoy my one-day-off-in-the-middle-of-nine. I go back tomorrow to start the three days of hell we call inventory. Then I work one day after that before I have another day off.

I watched a little tv, and sat outside and played with Bucky. I didn't exert myself, honestly.
6th-Sep-2019 07:59 pm - Titans S2E1 "Trigon"
Titans S2E1 "Trigon"

Glad this is back - - still love Dawn, and now we're making progress.

And OMG, Esai Morales as Deathstroke.
6th-Sep-2019 07:51 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: well, it's over, there's that. I got to work - - still prepping for inventory, final pre-inventory walk today - - no printer. Someone took it from my locker and didn't return it. So it was like after 9 before I got a printer(not mine, my ASM got me one). The customers were rude as hell, and one woman with 3 screaming kids in her cart that apparently she couldn't hear made it impossible for me to concentrate until they left. We were told the walk would be at 1:30, so I planned to go to lunch at 12:30, which I did, but I had to clock back in early because the people doing the walk got there before 1:30. It was still like 2:30 before they did the walk, but it was relatively painless. But I am so tired, and so stressed - - we all are - - and I'm ready for it to be over.
5th-Sep-2019 08:11 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: well, work wasn't horrible, except for the evil customers. The old woman in a cart that knocked my back endcap off its axis and has hit it several times since hit it yet again today. Then when she came back by, she backed into my cart. I hope she didn't drive herself to the store.

And yay! we have a functioning glass outside door again. I broke the handle off with my Hulk-like strength a few weeks ago. I'm kidding, it was probably as old as the house. J got a new handle and he put it on today, and tried to straighten the door, which had drooped a little. He also broke my porch chair, but that's another issue. When I got home, he was holding one of the adorable tabby kittens that we're apparently sharing with the neighbors. Anyway, now his name is Bucky and I got to cuddle him while J worked on the door.
4th-Sep-2019 06:32 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: it was a bit of a trying day. So many rude customers, dropping stuff and not picking it up, spraying shave cream, just generally being annoying.

After work, I planned on Subway for dinner... their credit card machine was down, and I don't carry cash. So I waited forever at Checkers, and oh, look, Selina - - I got to see Vance, our ex customer. I'm so lucky.
3rd-Sep-2019 05:17 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: nothing work related. I will be so glad when inventory is over and management can go back to their usual idiocy instead of super idiocy.
2nd-Sep-2019 06:30 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: well. It was super busy, with hurricane people, first of the month people... and the pharmacy didn't open until 10 and it threw the customers into a panic. I keep telling my pharmacy peeps they really need a pink flashing neon sign for holidays. Because, as we all know, it only matters that the customers get holidays off. I wonder if they sit in the parking lot on Christmas waiting to see if we'll open?
1st-Sep-2019 06:16 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: since J slept late and then had homework when he got up, I got the garbage out, did 2 loads of laundry, numerous dishes, and sat outside for few hours, where I did nothing.
31st-Aug-2019 07:23 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: today didn't go as planned, but it turned out okay. We had breakfast at actual breakfast time, then we gave the living room a thorough cleaning. Between me prepping for inventory and J's nightmare trying to get his classes set up, we've let things go. And we collect way too many cardboard boxes. We have a scary amount on the front porch now. And I made french onion meatballs for dinner and they turned out awesome. I've tweaked the recipe a bit, and had to tweak it a bit more tonight. I had just a little vegetable broth and I added cream of chicken soup to it to make the sauce and it turned out much better than usual.
30th-Aug-2019 06:54 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: it's Friday and I had a good inventory walk today. But really, is it so hard to start the walk at 9, LIKE WE WERE TOLD, and go through the whole store instead of taking the Up/Dug/Squirrel! attitude and wandering off all over the place?

Also, I got to see the awesome Marie today! I miss working with her. We used to have a lot of fun.

Aside from the walk, it was: Friday, check day, shopping for Labor Day day, and hurricane prepping day, so that made it extra fun.
29th-Aug-2019 06:14 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: I worked my ass off today, but it made the day go by fast. I literally did nothing but displays until lunch time. I have one whole hurricane-related 4 way now.
28th-Aug-2019 06:10 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: I was off work today and the cats let me sleep until after 7. I did dishes and sat outside for a little while this afternoon, but didn't do anything super-productive.

In other news, J got the babies a self-cleaning litter box, called the litter robot. Ironically, our most timid cat, Jem, who is afraid of all types of noise(after the cat poops, the litter robot turns and sifts the poop into a bag in the bottom), is the only one using it regularly. Fitz has used it once, and Squeaky keeps going up investigating it, but she doesn't trust it yet.
27th-Aug-2019 09:34 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: work wasn't bad, but it was a long day. With the usual evil customers. One old woman, on a cart, of course, came roaring into the pharmacy and hit either an endcap or a bench. I heard this, then went over like a minute later. There was a pool of green goo on the floor. When she hit whatever, she opened up a bottle of Palmolive on her cart. I cleaned that up, set the bottle up in her cart and closed it(some had already leaked on the floor under it). Then she said she didn't want that one because it wasn't full. Um, no, bitch, it's your fault it's not full. You need to take that one.
26th-Aug-2019 07:06 pm(no subject)
Today's good thing: it wasn't horrible for a Monday, but there were so many people in there today!
25th-Aug-2019 06:18 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: perhaps because they felt bad about yesterday, the cats let me sleep until nearly 9am. I fed them, did my reading, and made breakfast.

While J finished his never-ending homework, I got the garbage out, changed the sheets, did dishes, and went outside for a few hours. I filled hummingbird feeders and birdseed feeders and sat and enjoyed the lovely cool.
24th-Aug-2019 07:04 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: I got up before 5 because the cats decided to run all over the bedroom at that time. I did some laundry and my internet reading(after feeding the cats, of course), and eventually napped in my chair. Hard, for hours. I got up and got dressed to go to my uncle's.

When I got back, we had a storm, which I observed until it got too rough. Everything on the porch got blown around.

We had a super late lunch/early dinner, and did some rearranging so J could have access to a desk on which to do his homework. I was supposedly making room in the bedroom for a chair, but it somehow turned into organizing my bookcase. The cats are annoyed by all the rearranging.
23rd-Aug-2019 07:13 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: it wasn't actually a horrible day. There were horrible customers, but I was honestly just sorry as hell today.

The bright spots were that I got to see Miss Braelyn today! She is even more adorable in person than on Facebook.

And Squeaky got J in trouble at school. He was doing his online homework today and had to post something. Squeaky posted it for him. Oops.
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