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21st-Oct-2016 07:00 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: I didn't manage to get back to bed after J left for class, but I did do laundry and I visited my uncle.
20th-Oct-2016 07:37 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: another awesome day at work!
19th-Oct-2016 06:56 pm - The Flash S3E3 "Magenta"
S3E3 "Magenta" Yes! Harry's back! But this line wins the night: “Wally’s different than you, Barry. You’re like a second daughter. You overshare your feelings. Him, I gotta be a little bit more nuanced.
18th-Oct-2016 07:22 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: it was an awesome day. I went on my first work-related field trip: an OTC managers' meeting in Jesup. It was actually educational, and fun and we were treated to lunch at Zaxby's.
17th-Oct-2016 06:34 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: work was good... very little freight, nice, calm day.
17th-Oct-2016 06:09 pm - The Strain S3E8 "White Light"
S3E8 "White Light" Yay! They gave Gus some backstory. We could've used this way earlier. And what did I say? Eph and Dutch are perfect for each other(what do we call this? Deph? Etch?). I like Fet's cool new ride, but sometimes I miss the bread truck. And can we please stop trying to kill Quinlan?
16th-Oct-2016 06:59 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: very productive day here. I got up at 8am, and when J got up around 10, I made breakfast, then I started laundry and my painting projects. I also got the garbage ready for pickup.
16th-Oct-2016 06:49 pm - Luke Cage S1E5 "Just to Get a Rep"
S1E5 "Just to Get a Rep" Luke kicked ass in this one. Hey, Claire's back! And Sonia Braga(who looks amazing at 66!) is her mom.
mick_hero_by maddie
Legends of Tomorrow S2E1 "Out of Time" observations:

OMG, Mick as a musketeer is *everything*. And I still hate Rip, but he makes an adorable musketeer as well.

Sara lance, charming the ladies in every century. She's the Captain jack Harkness of LoT.

I see Mick is still in charge of carrying everything.

Sara, have we learned nothing from Barry?

Einstein really was a pig.

"Why am I talking to hm when you are clearly the brains of the operation?" Damn right.

I know Mick had to stay because, plot! But why couldn't Gideon have healed him?

Mick called Nick "Pretty"

I'm okay with no Rip.
15th-Oct-2016 09:22 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: I had an awesome day! First off, apparently I was really tired - - I slept like 12 hours last night. I got up around 8, made a grocery/breakfast run, then straightened up my autumn decorations so I could take pix. My cats are assholes - - they've completely disemboweled one of my small scarecrows, stripped another, knocked over every pumpkin at least once, and keep pulling leaves off my garland. Anyway, I also painted some flower pots. Poor J spent over an hour under the kitchen sink swapping faucets - - my kitchen sprayer broke. I spent the time being a gofer and gently supervising the project. And we had two separate dinners. J had chili, and I had turnips, fried salt pork and cornbread.
15th-Oct-2016 07:33 pm - Autumn decorations
Can anyone besides me see this?
14th-Oct-2016 05:47 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: busy day, but not bad. I stayed up after J left for class and did laundry and other household chores, left at 10;30 to take lunch to my uncle and do what he needed done for this week, came back by here and picked up J(who got an award for his class presentation today!) and went to Vidalia to pick up a piece for his CPAP mask. We also hit three Dollar Generals(including the one in Lyons, which is huge! It's like a miniature Walmart. And unlike the other Dollar Generals, they had more than one person working there. Then we picked up Wendy's for dinner(I was craving their chili and baked potato), came home and watched Legends of Tomorrow(review tomorrow). I am falling asleep in my chair, so I think it'll be an early night for me.
13th-Oct-2016 09:20 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: awesome day at work. After work, not so much. It turned out okay, though I started calling my uncle around 5:30 to confirm he would home tomorrow for my visit. The phone as busy. For like, 2 hours, and I was worried - - he never talks on the phone that long. Long story short, he's fine, either the phone's messed up or his malfunctioning answering machine is interfering. Big thanks to my cousin Jamie for going to check on him.
12th-Oct-2016 07:20 pm - The Flash S3E2 "Paradox"
pink roses by roji
S3E2 "Paradox" Thank goodness Jay talked some sense into Barry before he could mess anything else up.
12th-Oct-2016 07:19 pm - Today's good thing
pink roses by roji
Today's good thing: work was good. Thankfully, I had Jennifer with me. I have 5 mods this week. I did 4 today. Okay, that sounds impressive, but one was 8 feet, one was 4 feet and two were sidekicks. I do have a 20 foot one to do tomorrow, though.
11th-Oct-2016 06:38 pm - Today's good thing
pink roses by roji
Today's good thing: even though I spent half a day on the antacid mod, it was still an awesome day.
10th-Oct-2016 07:30 pm - Today's good thing
pink roses by roji
Today's good thing: lazy day for me. I went back to bed after J left for work. I didn't want to get up - - it was cool this morning and I was warm. I finally got my Chinese food for lunch, played phone tag with a pest control guy, did some laundry and sanded and primed my next metal chair. I also cooked turnips, pork chops and corn bread for dinner.
10th-Oct-2016 07:24 pm - The Strain S3E7 "Collaborators"
Oh, my poor Fet! Great scenes with him and Abraham, though. Quinlan - - still a badass. And Gus is getting screwed this season - - no storyline of any substance.
9th-Oct-2016 07:33 pm - Today's good thing
pink roses by roji
Today's good thing: visited my uncle, and also got to see Robbie! And believe me, if Robbie Spires or Joey Hilliard tell you they'll be somewhere at a certain time... they won't.
9th-Oct-2016 06:10 pm - Luke Cage S1E4 "Step in the Arena"
pink roses by roji
Sadly, no Mariah or Cottonmouth in this one, but hey, there's Poet from Oz!
8th-Oct-2016 08:50 pm - Today's good thing
pink roses by roji
Today's good thing: it was my first day back after vacation, so I figured it would be horrible. It was awesome! There weren't a lot of staff there, but there were a lot of customers. And the hurricane refugees were a lot nicer, to me, anyway, than our usual customers. There was even one guy from South Africa, who had the loveliest accent, and was so sweet! He lives part time in Florida and that's how he ended up here, escaping the hurricane.
7th-Oct-2016 07:18 pm - Today's good thing
pink roses by roji
Today's good thing: it was a cool, rainy, very relaxed day here. I did some cleaning early, and J and I literally watched tv and read(me) or watched tv and played a game(J) the rest of the day. I tried to sit outside for a bit, but the wind kept blowing the rain on the porch.
6th-Oct-2016 07:04 pm - Today's good thing
pink roses by roji
Today's good thing: I had another awesome day. Made an early Walmart run, then did some more decorating and a lot of cleaning. And yummy leftovers for dinner.
6th-Oct-2016 06:05 pm - Arrow S5E1 "Legacy"
pink roses by roji
What is up with father figures turning into drunks this week? Chad Coleman is really good as a bad guy. Was the baseball bat thing a Negan/TWD reference? And a bit of X Files trivia: the flashback was set in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. Wasn't that the place Mulder flew to in "Tunguska"? BTW, Tunguska is approximately 14 hours and 23 minutes from Krasnoyarsk.
5th-Oct-2016 08:05 pm - Today's good thing
pink roses by roji
Today's good thing: I had an awesome day. I slept a little late. Then I got up and went to Dollar General because I needed floral wire for putting up autumn decorations. I know I have at least 3 spools around here and couldn't find any. Then I picked up lunch and came home. It was a lovely cool, cloudy day. I potted some Mums in my newly-bronzed pots and hung up some decorations. Then I grilled sausage, pork chops and hamburgers for dinner. And made potato salad.
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