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10th-Dec-2016 10:05 pm - Today's good thing
xmas pink balls
Today's good thing: I had a super busy day. I got up early, worked on Christmas cards, made the cakes for more cake balls, did two loads of laundry, did dishes, made chocolate lasagna, made praline sauce for Brie, and formed cake into cake balls.
9th-Dec-2016 08:49 pm - Today's good thing
xmas pink balls
Today's good thing: wow, what a day! As I mentioned, I got to go to J's last day of class with him, at 7:30 this morning, on the coldest morning so far. We didn't leave there until around 12:30, then went by J's work to pick up another push mower(yes, we're going to lock this one up), then went by Dollar Tree, then to my uncle's, back to Walmart here, and then Huddle House to pick up some dinner. Then we came home and watched LoT.

And, get this... of all the people in the class today, and there were plenty, my enemy from when I worked there sat beside me. For 4 hours. And of course I did not trip her or kick her.

It wasn't all bad - - I did get to see several former co-workers I actually like.
9th-Dec-2016 08:34 pm - Bragging on my baby(with pix)
xmas pink balls
J finished his management class today, at the lodge at Little Ocmulgee Park, and I got to go with him. Everyone did speeches telling what they'd learned, and received their certificates. Then they gave us lunch.

Lots of pixCollapse )
xmas pink balls
S2E8 "The Chicago Way" Loved seeing Mick more in this ep. Not sure how I feel about the Lenny thing. Definitely sure I didn't like the crack Nick made about Mick and brain damage. F you, new boy!
8th-Dec-2016 08:27 pm - Today's good thing
xmas pink balls
Today's good thing: good day at work, despite some annoying management nonsense. And I went by Common Ground after work and got a large Almond Joy coffee, so I'm pretty happy and hyper right now!
8th-Dec-2016 08:24 pm - Christmas card thank you
xmas pink balls
Second card received! Thank you, jackiesjunkie! Great picture!
8th-Dec-2016 07:08 pm - Arrow S5E9 "What We Leave Behind"
xmas pink balls
S5E9 "What We Leave Behind" How many times do I have to say this? Stop hurting Curtis! I feel bad they kind of made Paul the bad guy here. Does this mean Curtis and Rory can get together now? Does Rene have a child somewhere? I got that impression when he and Diggle were talking about little NotSara. And the ending... WTF?
7th-Dec-2016 08:01 pm - Today's good thing
xmas pink balls
Today's good thing: awesome day at work. I accomplished so much! Had a few nutty customers but when don't I?
7th-Dec-2016 07:40 pm - The Flash S3E9 "The Present"
xmas pink balls
S3E9 "The Present" Julian found the Philosopher's Stone? He really is Draco. I still want my Harry back, but drunk HR is funny.
6th-Dec-2016 06:59 pm - Today's good thing
xmas pink balls
Today's good thing: good day at work, despite the usual Walmart type annoyances.
5th-Dec-2016 06:53 pm - Today's good thing
xmas pink balls
Today's good thing: I had another productive day. I tried to go back to bed, but between Subway and the trash truck, I gave up and got back up. I did laundry, decorated the tree, put out my Christmas greenery, did some Christmas cards, did some more cake balls and watched a lot of TV.
5th-Dec-2016 06:30 pm - Subway
xmas pink balls
I had an interesting text conversation with the Hazlehurst Subway manager. Everyone in RL has heard me whine about this... the last time I went in there, and ordered the same as always, 2 footlong ham and turkey subs, no drinks, no chips, which is usually $14.58. This time it was a little over $21. I asked why it was so much, and the three employees who were there told me prices had gone up. I told them I loved Subway, but I wouldn't be coming back, I could do homemade ones cheaper. I was curious, and contacted Subway on their site and asked, why the sudden price increase, and how much I hated that I wouldn't be getting subs there anymore.

The manager contacted me this morning(at 8am, which I didn't appreciate, it was raining and I was asleep) and said she wanted to make it right. I told her she hadn't done anything wrong, I was just unwilling to pay $10+ dollars for a sub. She asked me to explain what happened. And then told me it should've only been $14.58. She also wanted to know when this happened and what time of day. Not sure what's going on - - miscommunication, employees overcharging and keeping the profit? Who knows. I'll go there again eventually and see what happens.
5th-Dec-2016 06:02 pm - Shameless S7E10 "Ride or Die"
xmas pink balls
I'm so torn here as well... I love Trevor and Ian together, but Mickey and Ian were my OTP for so long. Maybe they could be a throuple as well?

Also, this mention of Steve has me worried. Fiona's getting her shit together, the last thing she needs is him coming back.
5th-Dec-2016 05:54 pm - Walking Dead S7E7 "Sing Me a Song"
xmas pink balls
OMG, Negan is such an asshole! This is at odds with my immense love for JDM and my happiness at seeing him every week.
4th-Dec-2016 09:18 pm - Today's good thing
xmas pink balls
Today's god thing: we had a productive day! I made brunch when J finally got up(at like 10:30, but I'd only been up an hour myself!). I woke up wanting baked French toast, but I made regular and it was so good! Then we cleaned the kitchen, got the garbage out, J re-assembled his kitten-massacred deer and put them back out(with extra strong stakes and sprayed with cat repellent). Then we worked on cake balls for an hour before I made dinner.
3rd-Dec-2016 08:57 pm - Today's good thing
xmas pink balls
Today's good thing: work was good.
xmas pink balls
Last(I guess) part of the unemployment FUBAR. J went to the unemployment office. I don't want to say his work has been lying, but they've definitely been loose with the truth. Many of his co-workers were there and were all told that yes, Husqvarna knew well in advance what would happen if they kept laying off so frequently(not being able to file partial unemployment claims). J and the others were told they can file, this time, and next time, but won't be paid for the first two weeks, whenever they occur. So, no check for anyone who was laid off that one week, and probably at Christmas, too. I think that's a really shitty thing to do to people who are already mostly living paycheck to paycheck, and at Christmas, too. I already knew they were horrible, but my opinion now is even lower than it was.
2nd-Dec-2016 08:38 pm - Today's good thing
xmas pink balls
Today's good thing: I had a fairly productive day. On the way to my uncle's(who is officially old now - - the house was SO hot), I dropped Christmas flowers by some cemeteries, then had lunch with my uncle and did some stuff there. Then I went up and gathered some cypress, pine and cedar to Christmas up the house. After that, headed home, and J got here about the same time(he had a fun day, but that's another post). And we finished phase two of cake ball production.
1st-Dec-2016 08:36 pm - Today's good thing
xmas pink balls
Today's good thing: good day at work. Sort of a lazy day, too.

BTW, mystery solved about the new GA partial unemployment laws: "Historically all employers have been permitted to file such claims on behalf of their employees as a convenience to the affected employees. Now, employers with a negative reserve account balance will not be permitted to file partial claims on behalf of their employees. The employees will need to file their own claims for partial benefits on the agency website (www.dol.georgia.gov). Employers with positive reserve account balances may continue to submit partial claims on behalf of their employees."

Which essentially means Husqvarna lays off a lot.

They supposedly received a letter(all businesses who had to start doing this did) in early October about this. In addition to this BS proof of citizenship thing, they sprang this "you have to file your own claim" thing today. Then they vagued that up by sending out a confusing "instruction" sheet. I think they feel like people will decide it's too much trouble for one pitiful week of unemployment and give up. As usual, its the employees who suffer. This essentially means no paycheck for anyone who was off last week. Probably they'll get next week's paycheck before they get the unemployment check.
1st-Dec-2016 07:26 pm - Arrow S5E8 "Invasion!"
xmas pink balls
S5E8 "Invasion!" This ep was heartbreaking. Mostly because, Laurel! I wish Tommy had been in it, too. And I'd forgotten what Quentin looked like happy. Thea wanting to stay also made me weepy. The bad thing: no Mick. That sucked.
30th-Nov-2016 07:25 pm - Has anyone heard of this?
Does anyone know anything about this? J was off work last week and his work signed them up for unemployment for one week. It should've been processed Monday. Today, they come up with this form that had to be signed before their unemployment can be processed. A form proving you're a US citizen. A DOL worker was at his work doing them today. Why wasn't this done before they were off? When did this become a law? What about the people depending on getting a check this week? We're okay because I get paid this week, but what about people without two incomes who need groceries or a bill paid?
30th-Nov-2016 07:11 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: another good day at work. I was busy all day, but I accomplished stuff and it made the day go by faster.
30th-Nov-2016 07:09 pm - The Flash S3E8 "Invasion!"
S3E8 "Invasion!" This was an awesome ep. Love seeing all the peeps together. Two things: I'm glad someone besides me is upset about Barry whammying baby Sara out of existence. And I know Mick is the designated comic relief, but it was a little tasteless, IMO, to make him almost joke about killing his family. And I called it about Lily Stein.
29th-Nov-2016 07:34 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: work was awesome! I managed to put out a whole pallet of Christmas stuff. Some of it may still have to go in the pond, though. Just saying. You know, if anything ever does end up in that pond, they will think it was me.
28th-Nov-2016 06:29 pm - Today's good thing
Today's good thing: really good day at work. I got a lot accomplished.
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