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19th-Feb-2017 07:12 pm - Today's good thing
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Today's good thing: we had an awesome day. I got up very early, made a Walmart run, sat on the porch and enjoyed the lovely weather. We also did laundry, got the garbage out, and other Sunday stuff. I also had a lovely nap in my chair later, and then we had dinner(tacos for me, chili for J).

As mentioned yesterday, we went to my uncle's and then to visit the in-laws. You know how I always say there's only two times a year I am absolutely not available? No one else does. I keep saying it - - the second Friday and Saturday in March(Peaches to Beaches) and the first Friday and Saturday in October(family reunion). When Hannah took my uncle for his pain center appointment this month, they scheduled him for an 8am appointment on March 10th. Yes, the Friday of P2B. Then Joey called yesterday and said Hannah can't take him because she got a job, and he's working second shift and can't get up that early. I'm going to call and try and get it rescheduled for the Friday before. If that doesn't work, we'll just have to take him that morning and try and salvage the day. My uncle won't hear of scheduling it after the 10th, because he's paranoid about running out the pain meds of which he's taking too many. I have to go up there EVERY week to do his bills, change his bed, set up his meds, call in refills - - anything that has to be done over the phone. He is still making no effort to learn how to do any of that by himself. I guess I should be grateful he does cook, do laundry and pick up his meds and groceries. Joey and Hannah should be able to take him for one appointment a month.

The visit at the in-laws went better. We found out Larae got a job. It's at Dollar General and only like 10 hours a week, but it's progress.
18th-Feb-2017 09:52 pm - Today's good thing
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Today's good thing: we visited family today.
17th-Feb-2017 06:14 pm - Today's good thing
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Today's good thing: work was awesome, except, as usual, for the customers. After work, I intended to get coffee and pick up dinner and come home. I got my coffee fine, then got caught in a loonngg funeral procession. Then I got dinner and headed home.
17th-Feb-2017 06:06 pm - Arrow S5E13 "Spectre of the Gun"
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S5E13 "Spectre of the Gun"

First off, I'm pro gun control, and this seemed amazingly heavy handed and preachy to me.

I'm loving Rene more and more every week. He was my least favorite when the new gang started, but he's really grown on me. It was nice seeing a non-Oliver flashback, but Rene's broke my heart, especially the last part.

Why is Diggle so angry?

Hey, Thea's finally back from the moon.

I miss Rory.
16th-Feb-2017 07:12 pm - Today's good thing
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Today's good thing: work was amazingly tolerable today, but OMG, the idiot customers. This is from yesterday - - or Tuesday? This woman was looking at diapers and I asked if I could help. She said she got her mom a large last time, but they were too big and kept sliding down. I suggested a small, since the waist on them starts at 28 inches, whereas the large starts at 38, and the extra large at 48. She thought about it and said, "I'll get another large. If they're too big, I'll get an extra large." WTF?
15th-Feb-2017 07:03 pm - Today's good thing
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Today's good thing: well, work didn't suck as bad today. My partner-in-crime was back!

Aside from not being able to call or text J, I'm not even missing not having the phone part of my phone. I can connect to wifi at work for Facebook, and read on my Kindle app, so I'm good.

I finally gave it up and went by the urgent care this afternoon. I realized today, I've been sick on and off for a solid month. The last few days my ear has been bothering me, so I knew it was infected. It was. I got an antibiotic for that, and something for this sinus/allergy/wtf-ever this is.
15th-Feb-2017 06:37 pm - Bones S12E5 "Tutor in the Tussle"
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S12E5 "Tutor in the Tussle" Poor Aubrey! His dad is awful. And Fisher wrote fanfic!
14th-Feb-2017 06:40 pm - Today's good thing
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Today's good thing: wow. Work wasn't awful. It was just that I spent most of the day doing freight, and then we got to unload a truck we'll probably get to work most of tomorrow. I know what the bad thing was: my SIM card died and I'm going to be without phone, texting and internet until Friday. J cheered me up with my Valentine gifts: a homemade card, a stuffed unicorn, a tiny sloth, chocolate roses and Ferrer Rocher. I'm calling it a night soon and hoping tomorrow is a good day.

Big thanks to mrs_sweetpeach for the lovely Valentine's card.

Oh! We had spaghetti, salad, and Pioneer Woman's olive cheese bread for dinner. J, who doesn't even like bread, really liked it.
13th-Feb-2017 07:21 pm - Today's good thing
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Today's good thing: I had a pretty nice day. After J left for work, I watched The Walking Dead, went back to bed for a couple of hours, did some laundry, out out some bird seed and watched a lot of TV. I also made the bacon wrapped pork loin I saw a recipe for the other day. It was delicious, but I had to cook mine longer, as the pork loin was a little bigger, and the bacon I used was thicker. J even gave it a thumbs up.

I also ran afoul of J's Aunt Mae, who took offense at a Trump graphic I posted. We had a bit of back and forth, where she said things Like, "I never knew you were this way," "I EXCEPTED Obama as president(hahaha)," and "I bet you watch CNN. Fox paints a different picture." Of Trump. You bet your ass they do. I was very respectful, but I'm not going to stop.
12th-Feb-2017 07:56 pm - Today's good thing
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Today's good thing: we had a good Sunday here. I got up a little before 8, but still had to have a brief nap in my chair before making a Walmart run. Where I may or may not have gotten another rose bush and some daylily bulbs. We did more laundry after lunch, got the garbage ready for pickup, I planted the greenery, and painted a basket. I also got to sit on the porch. It was cloudy, but still a lovely warm day.
12th-Feb-2017 07:47 pm - Arrow S5E12 "Bratva"
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S5E12 "Bratva"

Great to see Quentin back, but seriously, where is this conference Thea is attending, the moon?

Why is it all the team can't be there at one time? I love Rory.

Loved Quentin and Rene bonding.
11th-Feb-2017 08:22 pm - Today's good thing
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Today's good thing: we had a really nice day. First, I made a quick trip to my uncle's. Then J and I, since we're both working on Valentine's Day, decided to have dinner out to celebrate. We went to Douglas, did some shopping, and ate at Old Times.
10th-Feb-2017 09:03 pm - Today's good thing
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Today's good thing: I had a sort of awesome day, but it didn't start out that way. I woke up feeling icky - - stuffed up, sore throat - - but now I think it was probably allergy/sinus issues. I feel okay now. I went back to bed after J left for work. I picked up Chinese for lunch, watched some TV, did laundry and cleaned. Not a bad day at all.
10th-Feb-2017 08:55 pm - Legion
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So, we tried episode 1 of Legion. Not impressed. J literally had to talk me through it. Too confusing. I'll give it another ep, but J may be on his own with this one. Also, Aubrey Plaza reminds me of Kristen Schaal. This is not a good thing.
9th-Feb-2017 07:18 pm - Today's good thing
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Today's good thing: I had a good day, despite all the freight. Not mine, but I did help out. But what's up with the cold wind this afternoon? It was not that cold when I went to work. Also, had to bring my outside Valentine tree inside. This morning after J left, the wind blew it over and I thought someone was breaking in. I set it back up, and even wired it securely(I thought) to the wall. It fell over again while I was at work. And the cats, who won't play with toys you buy for them, had a ball playing with the ornaments. We already had it out about them playing with the garland around the door.
9th-Feb-2017 06:33 pm - The Flash S3E12 "Untouchable"
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S3E12 "Untouchable"

The whole time HR was betting, I'm like, he has no money.

Wally fanboy-ing himself!

I actually recognized Alex Desert this time. He looked a lot like he did on the original Flash, and The Heights. Does anyone remember that? I had a huge crush on JT.

Listen to Joe using his dad voice!

Tom Felton being a "special appearance" is worrying me. I want him to be a regular. And I feel like he and Caitlin might be getting together, which also makes me scared for Julian, considering her history with men.

And seriously? To see my Harry, I have to deal with that damned gorilla?
8th-Feb-2017 06:49 pm - Today's good thing
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Today's good thing: work was good... no freight, so I got stuff done in my department. I feel a little better. Still coughing and felt a little... ugh, but I've been hitting the Mucinex and I'm better.
8th-Feb-2017 06:47 pm - Legends of Tomorrow S2E11 "Turncoat"
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S2E11 "Turncoat"

I guess we know who carries people when Mick's not there... Jax.

"That was implied" pissed me off. Twice. If they don't stop picking on Mick...

Amaya understood that reference!

"Dammit, Jefferson, I'm a physicist, not a doctor!"

Did everyone realize that was Randall Batinkoff as Washington?

Yay for Mick's Hansel-like trail of candy wrappers.

Nice that they used that fanfic trope, skin-to-skin body heat, to get Nate and Amaya together.

Mick's a hero! And he has a statue!
7th-Feb-2017 07:23 pm - Today's good thing
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Today's good thing: work wasn't all that bad today. But I seem to have had a relapse. Lots of chest congestion, I'm losing my voice, and I just feel blah.
6th-Feb-2017 06:21 pm - Today's good thing
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Today's good thing: this wasn't the worst day I've ever had at work, but it certainly wasn't the best. Mostly caused by Walmart bureaucracy. And other than doing notes from last Thursday's nit-picky walk, I did freight. All day. And feel like my chest is getting congested again.
5th-Feb-2017 06:42 pm - Today's good thing
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Today's good thing: we were a little more productive today. I did more laundry, mopped the kitchen, and J got the garbage ready for pickup.
4th-Feb-2017 09:26 pm - Today's good thing
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Today's good thing: boy, did we have a lazy day here. J literally did nothing. All I did was take pix, do a load of laundry(how do two people generate so much?), and cook dinner.
4th-Feb-2017 09:24 pm - Arrow S5E11 "Second Chances"
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S5E11 "Second Chances"

First of all, shout to two Andromeda peeps in this ep, Lexa Doig(Rommie) and Steve Bacic(Rhade).

I'm really liking the new team, even Rene, the one it took me the longest to warm up to. Loved him, Oliver and Curtis tonight. I feel like Rene might be the Mick Rory of this team... always eating, and likes to use his gun.

Not sure about the new Black Canary... I didn't see anything wrong with the first one, but they got rid of her.
3rd-Feb-2017 07:20 pm - Today's good thing
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Today's good thing: I accomplished a good bit, despite my weekly visit to Rhine. I did some shopping before I left, and some laundry(washing for today and folding from the other day) when I came back.
2nd-Feb-2017 08:06 pm - The Flash S3E11 "Dead or Alive"
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S3E11 "Dead or Alive"

Julian is not so good at the human-ing thing yet. But I still love him.

Joe after Iris finished distracting him was made of awesome.

All the bad girls love Cisco. Does them mentioning Lisa mean she might be coming back?

I'm sort of ambivalent about this HR thing. We have to keep him forever? I still want my Harry back. Maybe Supergirl needs an annoying character?
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